referral program by assist my paper

How does the referral program by assist my paper work?

Referral program by Assist My Paper allows you to refer our company and services to any of your friends or family relatives (who also wants assistance in his/her paper or assignment), and you will avail benefit from getting 10% off your upcoming projects with us. All you need to do is to first contact one of your support representatives, either through instant chat, email, or call, and inform him/her that you want to refer someone. Then the agent will create a unique referral link in your name, which you will forward to your friend. Ask that friend to place his/her order by clicking on that unique link. In this way, we will know that you genuinely referred someone, and we will record the details in your name and ensure you get your 10% benefit on future projects with us. This Referral Program by Assist My Paper makes our bond strong.